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COVID-19 protocol



Dear Member


Tasmania has done a great job so far in avoiding Covid19 by us all following the rules laid down by the government. There are signs in our club of complacency creeping in which we must guard against especially now the borders to other states are opening. With such a vulnerable group in our club your committee are determined to do everything we can to keep each other safe and still enjoy our facilities.

We must continue to record contact details for all people who visit our facilities so please continue to sign in. To simplify the process, we have made adjustments to ensure we capture everyone that has entered our gates;

Anyone that has their name on a booking sheet for the day is deemed to have checked in – no further action required

  • Anyone not on a booking sheet (all visitors in bar, bistro, volunteers, office or practise areas) must either scan the new QR code or fill in the current manual sheet on entry at any one of the many check in stations around the site.

At this point there is no need to sign out

To use a QR code you must have a smart phone. The process for people with a smart phone is as follows;

1. Open the camera on your phone and point it at the QR code, no need to take a picture just point it (similar to pictured)

2. A pop-up link will appear at the top or bottom of your screen for you to press
3. You will be taken to a web page that indicates that you are checking into Riverside Golf and Bar
4. Enter your name, phone number & email address, then press check in
5. This expires everyday so next time you come to the club you once again point the camera at the QR code and your phone will remember your details so you just hit check in.
6. The QR code is a paid service which keeps your details private and it’s a simpler way to gather the log of who visited the club and when.

If you have any questions or would like a demonstration then don’t hesitate to ask any of the undersigned.

Please remember to;

  • sanitise on arrival and departure
  • use the designated service areas at the bar
  • do not move bar stools
  • be seated while drinking
  • be contactless so no hugs or handshakes (do the elbow bump)
  • if you have cold symptoms do not come to the club until you have a negative test result even if you are sure it is just a cold

There is quite a bit of push back on the seated drinking rule from various people at the moment. It is a government rule and to keep it simple they have adopted one rule for all alcohol drinking areas. The alternative would be to have hundreds of rules for each different type of alcohol drinking area. At our club we know in the past when people were drinking at the bar you would often have others ordering drinks two and three deep behind them. One case of Covid19 in this scenario would spread rapidly. We believe this is why the government is so far not allowing alcohol drinkers to stand or dance. It continues as a preventative measure and we need to comply with it. If the government removes or modifies this rule then the club will follow suit.

Our individual behaviours will determine our continuing ability to minimise risk. Our Covid19 Safety Plan for RGC continues to be how we operate.

Thank you for your continuing support and please continue with your feedback.


Michael Jackson         Mark Poulson              Frank Tedeschi

President                     Captain                        General Manager

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