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The Tasmanian Government has announced that from Friday the 26th of June at Midday that it will be transitioning to Stage 3 on the Roadmap to Recovery. Clubs may now, provided the density requirement of 1 person per 2 square metres is met have up to 250 people per undivided indoor space and up to 500 people in an undivided outdoor space.

We can also transition to Level C of the AIS Framework. Level C provides for a full return to competitive sport. In practical terms, clubs now have full flexibility to remove any local rules relating to the preparation of the hole and the handling of the flagstick, replace rakes into bunkers and have multi-tee and shotgun starts. Golf Australia authorises clubs to still make use of any of the COVID-19 Temporary Local Rules should they choose to.

This places greater accountability on each person to be vigilant and look after their own health and welfare. Our Committee thanks our members and guests for their conformance and so from Wednesday 01 July 2020 we will introduce the following changes to normalise our golf;
1. Pool noodle will be removed from the holes and people will have the option of putting with the flag in or out.
2. Rakes will be added back to bunkers and there will be no preferred lies in bunkers.
3. Ball washers will be back in use.
4. Nearest the pins will be available.
5. Seats will be available in external areas.
6. Two people known to one another can share a cart.

Things that we still cannot do are;
1. Use the drinking fountains
2. Stand in the clubhouse to drink
3. Play eightball in the clubhouse.
4. Have a function that encourages/allows dancing.

If there are any outbreaks these rules could be reinstated at short notice. Our individual behaviours will determine the amount of risk we can minimise. Our Covid19 Safety Plan for RGC must be followed so please obey signs and do not rearrange anything at the club or on the course. If you wish to understand a process, procedure or set up then please ask our General Manager (GM). Our Covid19 Safety Plan is our license to operate and must be complied with. We would also encourage all members and guests to download the Federal Government COVIDSafe app if they have not done so already. If you need help to download it please ask our GM or one of the Committee.
People in the at risk group are encouraged to think through their behaviours to minimise their risk. Some examples of actions are using a gloved hand for the flag and rakes, carrying your own hand sanitiser and stopping yourself from touching your face.
Personal hygiene continues to be the biggest risk minimiser for all. If you are experiencing any cold, flu or fever type symptoms you must not visit our golf club/course. Please continue to sanitise your hands when you first arrive at the course/club and sanitise again as the last task before you leave the course/club.
1. The inhouse supply of food and drinks is to seated patrons only.
2. Drinkers are allowed to sit at the bar but must maintain a 1.5 m gap to the next person. People are not allowed to stand at the bar and drink. To order drinks go to the serving area of the bar and do not stand between seated people at the bar.
3. When waiting at the bar there must be a 1.5m gap between people.
4. Everyone must sign in as we are required to keep a record of who was in the club and when. When you leave you must enter your departure time.
5. Take away drink sales will be available when the bar is open. To obtain take aways go up to the bar and purchase your requirements. You do not need to sign in. Ensure that you do not stand closer than 1.5 metres to any other person. As soon as you have made your purchase immediately leave the clubhouse. Please do not stay and chat to anyone without first signing in.
6. Inside the club we must maintain our physical distance of 1.5 metres where possible. Groups at each table should be a minimum of 1.5 metres from the nearest table.
7. Tables will be preset to maintain physical distance so please do not move without the licensee’s permission. Please look for any entry or exit signs as these will change to suit people flow and maximise physical separation.
8. If there are already 3 people in the upstairs toilets then wait outside until someone leaves.
9. No common use items such as hair brushes, shoe cleaners, sun creams, hair gel and hair dryers in locker rooms.
10. All golfers MUST check in with the pro shop for competition, social and practice sessions as we are required to keep a record of who has been in what areas of RGC. All golfers must book in their competition or social round via the online system.
11. All players must tee off on time so as not to cause a delay in the field.
12. Time slots will be designated either competition slot or social golf slot and provision is there to designate if you wish to play 18 hole competition or 9 hole competition.
13. One group of 4 people will be able to go through from another group of 4 people if the front group gets held up or are playing slower than the group behind. Our normal golf etiquette of keeping up with the group in front continues to apply.
14. Rules of golf do not allow “gimmes” in stableford or stroke competitions.
15. Please carry sand and fill all divots level – not heaped as this then impacts mower blades.
16. Please fix up to 3 plug marks per green as per Golf Australia standard.
17. Use the Miscore app for scoring if you own a smart phone. Ask for a physical card if you don’t own a smart phone.
18. No shaking hands, touching another player or their equipment except in an emergency.
19. For ball toss up have one player only take 4 balls from their own bag, assign each ball to a player then toss those balls if you wish to determine pairings. Each player then plays with their own ball.
20. You can bring a guest to a competition if you so wish.
We will continue to monitor changes announced by the Premier and will advise if there are any changes.
Thank you for your continuing support and please continue with your feedback.

Michael Jackson Mark Poulson Frank Tedeschi
President Captain General Manager

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