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Following the Premier announcing that from 18 May 2020 “Park exercise equipment and playgrounds, pools and boot camps open for up to 10 people.” the Minister for Sport & Recreation Jane Howlett has announced that golf clubs can recommence competitions as long as we stick to the rules. The new rules have been published on Monday on the Golf Australia website.
The Premier has now changed and updated the FAQ response to “Can I play golf” on the State Government Covid19 website as per the below hyperlink.
Our objective is to return to competition from Saturday 23 May 2020. We have planned to have practice runs on Wednesday and Thursday this week. We need more people to download and use the Miscore app. Everyone from Wednesday must check in with the pro shop when you arrive for your round. This will allow us to issue cards to the players without a smart phone and to observe how the flow with a mix of app scorers and cards works.
The rules to keep us safe in playing competitions are as follows;
1. If you are experiencing any cold, flu or fever type symptoms you must not visit our golf club.
2. The golden rule is no groups greater than ten people so be aware everywhere you go on the golf course to move away if you are going to make the group 11 or larger. This is particularly important on all of our practice areas, around the pro shop, in buggy rooms and locker rooms.
3. All people MUST social distance ie 1.5 metres from any other person for the whole time you are at the golf club.
4. One group of 4 people will be able to go through from another group of 4 people if the front group gets held up or are playing slower than the group behind. Our normal golf etiquette of keeping up with the group in front continues to apply.
5. People can arrive 20 minutes before their scheduled tee time.
6. People must pack up and leave quickly after completion of their round.
7. Time slots at 12 minute and 11 minute intervals will continue until 1 June and be monitored. We will look to decrease the time per slot to increase the number of slots available. We will continue to run the sequence from hole 1 to hole 18 only except for the early morning slots offering 9 holes only starting on hole 10.
8. Time slots will be designated either competition slot or social golf slot.
9. There will be no shotgun starts.
10. Continue to comply with hygiene requirements on arrival and last thing before you depart.
11. Please carry sand and fill all divots level – not heaped as this then impacts mower blades.
12. Please fix up to 3 plug marks per green as per Golf Australia standard.
13. Use the Miscore app for scoring if you own a smart phone. Ask for a physical card if you don’t own a smart phone.
14. All flags must stay in the hole and are to be touched by course staff only. This is likely to be the case for the foreseeable future.
15. All bunkers are in play with a local rule of preferred lies. Check the local rules board as this can vary daily. If we have had a rain storm then the course staff will have decided if bunkers are still in play or GUR and a note for GUR added to the board.
16. Ball washers will remain unavailable.
17. No common use items such as hair brushes, shoe cleaners, sun creams, hair gel and hair dryers in locker rooms.
18. No shaking hands, touching another player or their equipment except in an emergency.
19. For ball toss up have one player only take 4 balls from their own bag, assign each ball to a player then toss those balls if you wish to determine pairings. Each player then plays with their own ball.
20. Every day will have a stableford competition and we will continue to offer four slots per time to maximise the number of times available.
21. You can bring a guest to a competition if you so wish.
22. A small number of our members like to sit in the car park and have a drink after the game. Please ensure that you social distance and that we do not have more than 10 people in the carpark even allowing for arriving players. If an arriving player will take the number over 10 then the players who have finished must leave immediately.
We must stick to these rules to keep each other safe and avoid being shutdown because our members are found to be not conforming.
If this next week works well we will be looking at reintroducing take away drink sales and bistro meals. We are also looking at restarting MyGolf and Get into Golf/Swing Fit classes.
The pretend competition called app social scoring will continue until Saturday but you must check in at the pro shop to be registered into the social scoring in order to get people used to coming to the pro shop to pay the competition fees.
We are starting with Stableford Competitions only to monitor the timing of various groups and get the flow as best possible with these new rules. The match committee are now considering what competitions we will run once we have a proven flow that will allow us to run other competitions.
We will continue to monitor changes announced by the Premier and will advise if there any changes.
Thank you for your continuing support and we love hearing the feedback from members.


Michael Jackson

Mark Poulson

Frank Tedeschi
General Manager

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